Many men do fear thee,
for we are naught but mortals.
We live in a world as transient beings,
and do naught but what He tells.

A friend of thine, her name is love,
makes us forget all our fears.
In this illusion we also forget
that thy arrival slowly nears.

As our loved ones leave us
and go, we curse thee and hate thee.
But men who are born must go someday;
This truth ne’er do we see.

His will is thy command;
Death is the only truth of life.
And we mortals, ignorant and irrational,
Cry, resist and strive.

Some men embrace thee; wise they are!
But some men attempt to hide,
not realizing that where they hide is where
thee await them with arms open wide.

Thus I, a mere mortal,
humble and helpless, can ne’er escape thee.
I will embrace His decision,
if so death will set me free.

But I, a mere mortal,
ignorant and irrational, fear thy will.
For thy arrival, not welcome,
leaves even the most mighty men to lay still.

And thee must do as He wills;
Though I fear not for myself,
My dear ones are at thy mercy!
And I, a mere mortal, cannot challenge thyself.




You go where I go
Although I complain
You know that I know:
struggling is in vain

You show what I’ve seen
Although I try to resist
You are where I’ve been
And, Oh, how you persist!

You are the one who I was
But I have come a long way
You’re with me, for a cause
And I guess at the end of the day…

…you’re my only true friend