Today you shall realize all your dreams,
they shall span beyond all limits and extremes.
If you have already, then you’ll see your goals.
And once you do, you shall play your roles.

Yes you will, because you can!
For you are more than an ordinary man!
And if only you could see your destiny,
you wouldn’t fear or doubt your victory!

So awaken, my friend! Get up and stride!
The whole world today is on your side!
All good folks want to meet you today,
and all good things are on their way!

Today is the day you’ve awaited all this while,
so have a wonderful day and a wonderful smile!


‘Dreams’ and ‘roles’ are mentioned in plural form, despite being addressed to the reader as an individual. This is intentional.


The Classroom

Life never dictates.
It’s a freedom of choice.
The lessons are tough
but it would be wise to learn.

Your best teacher is life
for she alone has the patience
to teach you the same lessons
time and again, until you learn.

Don’t curse your teacher!
She nurtures your wisdom.
How would it be if at the end
you regret not having grown?

Lessons are invaluable.
Be grateful you’ve learned!

Vampire Slayer

I once had two vampires very near

– one was Doubt, and another Fear.

I often dined or indulged with them,

while they lay to waste my sacred realm.


Doubt lied to me; by Fear I was  betrayed.

In such poor company, from my path I strayed.

And once I was left with naught,

they abandoned me in a cell to rot.


All I stood for was set to flames.

My kingdom burned down as vampire games.


But I did not crumble; instead I arose.

Chapters begin when the old ones close.

I’d chosen friends poorly, indeed.

Now I’d awoken; my kingdom was in need.


I let go of all bonds that chained me.

And when I realize myself, I was finally free.

Out of the dark chambers I bravely strode.

Not a single moment to sulk could I afford.


I rode back to the capital; I took my stand.

I banished Doubt and Fear from my land!


Breaking the Inertia

I’m leaving this place forever.
And return I shall never.
Soon I’ll forget the past disaster.
Sorrow shall no longer be my master.

I march towards an Utopia
and break away from this inertia.
The sun shines bright upon my face
assuring me much better days.

I leave behind my lust for vengeance
and now I tread the path of penance.
What is gone is gone, dear heart.
Now I must move on; it is truly an art.

The Dunes of Fate

The Promised Land isn’t far from here.
For greener is the grass across the River of Fear.
Choose to swim or choose to sink,
for he who transcends lives to the brink!

“I come from far across the land;
a message at heart, a staff at hand.
I stand upon the very Dunes of Fate.
Listen to me now before it’s too late!”

Amidst the desert, upon the sands,
with arms spread wide, the Prophet stands.
The winds of change forever blow,
and the wise do not resist the flow.

“A helmsman I am, here to take you across
to a life that is, from the past that was.
Come with me, unless you choose to stay.
My message is clear: you pave your own way!



For long enough have I been here
In this pit of hate, regret & fear
But now it’s high time I rise above
For the time to rejoice is now.

I hid from the sun for many a day
About my life I had nothing to good to say
Yet here I stand, tall and strong
It is time for me to sing this song

I am now free, yes I am free
I am happy as one could ever be
All my sorrows and sins have been waved
And today I rejoice for I have been saved

Of Love, Truth and the Forbidden Fruit

The grass seems greener on the other side;
across the River I took my horse for a ride.
I don’t know why, but every time I fell.
And I drowned in the River to wake up in Hel.
“Oh Boatman! Boatman! Where are thee?
Here are two coins! Come ferry me!”

I relished the Tree’s Forbidden Fruit
knowing not that the Dragon gnawed at the root.
“Oh dear Love, I mistook lust for you.
Is nothing in this world ever true?”
In pursuit of Truth, to places I went.
Naive as I was, time and money I spent.

There is no such thing as ‘Truth’.
Love isn’t understood by the youth.
We pursue the Forbidden in vain
only to suffer immense pain.

But my dear friend, I complain not
for the Secret can never be forgot.
I have crossed the River at last.
And soon I shall be with my Love at last.

…with my Love at last