Vampire Slayer

I once had two vampires very near

– one was Doubt, and another Fear.

I often dined or indulged with them,

while they lay to waste my sacred realm.


Doubt lied to me; by Fear I was  betrayed.

In such poor company, from my path I strayed.

And once I was left with naught,

they abandoned me in a cell to rot.


All I stood for was set to flames.

My kingdom burned down as vampire games.


But I did not crumble; instead I arose.

Chapters begin when the old ones close.

I’d chosen friends poorly, indeed.

Now I’d awoken; my kingdom was in need.


I let go of all bonds that chained me.

And when I realize myself, I was finally free.

Out of the dark chambers I bravely strode.

Not a single moment to sulk could I afford.


I rode back to the capital; I took my stand.

I banished Doubt and Fear from my land!



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