Sand Art

I watched as sand from his hand leaves

to narrate the tale this artist weaves.

The sands of time shall thus convey

Stories of castles which were, where ruins now lay.


The Time Machine

A device of science fiction man covets the most
is perhaps that ‘rewind’ button for errors of his past;
for every man who’s heart may be a host
of regrets accumulated, of numbers so vast.

Perhaps to win battles lost, by unfortunate armies misled.
Or even stock-markets extrapolated; or fateful elections once run.
What is said can never be unsaid; apologies don’t resurrect the dead.
What is done cannot be undone; regret thus plagues everyone.

‘time machine’ is all I ask, just to fulfil a simple task.
To untravel the road I chose at that fork that day.
The future watches me from behind his mask.
And a science-fictional device is my hope’s last silver ray.



It’s not the same! It’s not the same!

Change blows across the plains.
When you think of it, it’s not such a shame;
life’s flow only change sustains.

It’s your creation! It’s your creation!
Blame not thy circumstance.
It was always as per your dictation;
life was never a game of chance.

You wrote this story! You wrote this story!
You can turn the tables right now.
Blunders are no reason to feel sorry,
if only change you would allow.

I don’t understand poetry

I don’t understand poetry
Poetry is just not for me
I’ve tried my hands on it,
but the words just don’t fit

I don’t appreciate poetry
Every attempt is a eulogy
I keep writing about a girl
Then into the trash I hurl

I really don’t follow poetry
I’m handicapped, you see?
I pity each and every line
conforming to rhythm, rhyme

You say poetry makes life fun
But I don’t see how that’s done

The Seven Deadly Sins 

When God created Man, he was made the ruler of earth.

Thus God made Man the master of air, water, fire and dirt.

And thus to His son the good lord was indeed kind.

But alas, it was a pity that Man could not master his mind.

The Devil, who was jealous of Man, knew his weakness well.

And thus he arouse the seven beauties from the darkest pits of hell.

Without a single flaw the seven evils were well designed.

And they were sent to earth to corrupt the minds of all mankind.

Even though Man was warned, his mind cared about it not.

Soon he was stopped on his path by a woman called Sloth.

She took him to a mansion where Avarice awaited him.

His mind was lost in thoughts of wealth as he sat amidst them.

Gluttony brought him to food and he ate like never before.

He dug into his food, gulped wine and hogged like a bore.

Vanity then took charge of him and he could never have enough of her.

Soon Lust caught hold of him and his conscience went blur.

Envy slowly crept to him and he longed for what he had not.

All the blessings the good Lord gave him, Man soon forgot.

And then walked up to him the seventh deadly sin;

Wrath took the better of him and burned him from deep within

Have you seen my key?

I once cuffed my hands, you see,

and I was so pleased
that I got rid of the key
so I may never be released.

You may ask, “Were you insane?

Why would one arrest himself?”

I assumed it would stop the pain
I otherwise inflict on myself.

Eventually, I forgot why I did this.
I now wanted to be free.
I searched everywhere, where did I miss?
I just could not find my key.

My friends thought I was being foolish.
My family could not bear the sight.
“Could you help me, sir?” “Oh…I wish.”
Could no one understand my plight?

“Could you help me?” I asked a thief.
He said, “Brother, my hands aren’t free.”
When I asked the parsons for relief,
they said, “Only Jesus may be your key.”

I went to a doctor, she made me wait
for hours… yet I left, broke and unconsoled.
I had enough and more on my plate.
But alas, I had neither hand to hold.

I asked my professors, who shot me looks.
But then they referred me a dozen books.

I went to a locksmith, he called the police.
They locked me up and refused to release.

“I don’t want to die like this,” I fell on a knee
and… out from my shirt’s pocket fell a key.

… now, how did it get there?

The Wisdom of Silence-2

In the silence can you listen
to that voice deep inside?
For now that you have risen
it is time to choose your side.

Be silent and be still,
for perhaps you will see
how a ray of hope may fill
this chamber endlessly.

This little voice has always been,
yet now as clear as the skies.
The profound silence is serene,
and now to listen would be wise.

Skies have cleared, peace now reigns,
for you have now awoken.
A new day has dawned upon the plains,
so make your choice… the voice has spoken.