Brewing Dreams

A song is brewing, it approaches here,
where dreams are lucid and crystal clear.
It is time to sing what the heart does speak,
for my dreams have shown me the path I seek.

An Infinite Power has awoken in me,
transmuting my life like alchemy.
The blind have gained vision, the lame now stride.
The deaf now listen as the dumb confide.

Today is the day I’ve always awaited.
I claim the life for which I was created!
When the road ahead appears challenging and long,
there’s a little voice inside which inspires a song.

It matters not what my troubles may be,
but that to conquer them, they chose me.
For I alone have been ‘me’ for so long,
while no one else dares to be so strong.

A Creative Intelligence guides me today
singing along with me all the way!


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