The Ethereal Awakening

From perhaps the most abysmal dream

to the conscious world I awoke.
I lay confused by this bizarre realm;
a thousand ethereal voices spoke!

“Where am I?” I asked. “How’d I get here?”
It slowly sunk in and the truth did burn,
And I was overwhelmed by doubt and fear.

“Why am I here?” I pleaded. “Let me return!”

Do not fear! Said one. Your fever just ended.
You were in a venomous trance,
 another said.
but despite the fall, you’ve finally ascended.

I was now convinced: I’d lost my head.

You wandered an abyss, said a third, we could do naught
to help, until you’d recognized the surreal.
Thus, were you lost; your identity you forgot.

Then, your consciousness broke the vicious seal! 

Philosophy aside, I realized they were right.

“My life revolved around that dream. What’s left for me now?”

The nightmare you lived was dissolved by light.
A more inspired dream you must allow.

Before me appeared a book, with several pages blank.

Whatever you write shall manifest.
It was always yours, but you always sank.

You author life; write only your best!

We now send you back into the dream,
but armed with words for the wise.
Thus write away and define your own realm.

This time, I vowed not to jeopardize!

The voices faded, but ere I fell back into trance
I was curious to know what the pages said.
And I was astonished at the very first glance!

The Equilibrium of Life‘, the title read.


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