This Song

Every now and then, there’s this song inside my head.
As if to mock my ego, it stirs feelings I once shot dead.
I try to ignore the tune, but it just won’t go away.
So I shall now write it down and perhaps bury it someday.

This song follows me, whenever I think of you.
I dream, I sing, forgetting everything I’m supposed to do.
It’s just a song, and nothing wrong, why can’t I let it ring?
I’m afraid that I might ‘fall in love’ if I permit myself to sing.

If I did sing would you sing along or just sympathize with me?
Either way, it’s just a song and that’s all it’s going to be.
There is this song I wrote today, my heart permits me not to throw away.
Perhaps when I write no more I’ll sing it to you someday.



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