The Wisdom of Silence-2

In the silence can you listen
to that voice deep inside?
For now that you have risen
it is time to choose your side.

Be silent and be still,
for perhaps you will see
how a ray of hope may fill
this chamber endlessly.

This little voice has always been,
yet now as clear as the skies.
The profound silence is serene,
and now to listen would be wise.

Skies have cleared, peace now reigns,
for you have now awoken.
A new day has dawned upon the plains,
so make your choice… the voice has spoken.



  1. It is a good poem, but I wonder why you have used small letters at the beginning of certain lines. I wish you wrote my book – The Shadow of Light:An Album of Poems ( 2105: Partridge Publishing LLC, USA: pp 376 ; ISBN 978-1-4828-4254-8 :Rs 550.00 available on Amazon, Flipkart, Barnes & Noble). I am not promoting my book; my intention is just to help you imbibe the poetic style.

    Keep on writing. If you like, you can interact with me via email.


    Sibaprasad Dutta M.A. (English), ACIB (London)

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Certain lines are the continuation of the previous lines. Hence they begin with small letters.

      You say that you wish I wrote your book. Don’t you mean ‘read’ your book?

      I am ready to learnt poetry writing from scratch.

      Thanks for the encouragement.



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