Life on the Chessboard

I shall not step back, there is no place for me.
And I shall show you all how significant I can be.
This war is not over, and I have no time to rest.
I have no reason to celebrate with you until I’ve done my best.

My life is on the chessboard; perhaps I’m just a pawn.
Whether I survive or not, the game shall go on.
I am a soldier and I shall fight my way through.
I cannot make choices; but I do what I must do

The bishop shall ride across upon his holy steed;
The knight shall gallop ahead and take on the lead;
The rook may castle and protect our rightful king;
The queen may be powerful; but remember one thing…

Though none would hesitate to sacrifice me right now,
only I shall march forward and fight, even to my death, anyhow.


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