In Another Universe

Somewhere, across Einstein-Rosenberg’s bridge is another universe
in which you are with me, helping me complete this verse.
Perhaps where I don’t just scribble pointless rhymes,
but where we are together during all the good times.
A world where I’m the one with whom you’d rather be,
and where I don’t have to keep trying to be anyone but me.

But my dear, I’m too old to live in dreamland anymore.
We live in reality, which has, perhaps, nothing left in store.
I’m still scribbling verses alone, and you’re still away from me.
Just another pointless crush is all this is going to be.
Three bottles of beer and a pack of cigarettes…
This is just as romantic as my evening ever gets.

But across Einstein-Roenberg’s bridge, you and I are together.
And I hope, at least there, we’re happy forever…


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