Slaves of Dunya  

Everyone keeps running; why the constant hurry?
You’re only rushing towards your coffin which someday we shall bury.
You say time is precious, but you spend it on what?
Years from now, all that you’ve earned shall be left to rot.

We all seek money, but does it buy us all we want or need?
Money fills the stomach, but my soul it cannot feed.
Money can buy me cocaine, and I may suppress pain.
But money cannot restore my mind, it cannot make me sane.

Only the pleasures of Dunya, Shaitan may offer me.
Money can bail me out of jail, but it cannot set me free.
We say we need money, to earn respect and even joy.
Dunya respects only money, but your life it shall soon destroy.

Do you remember when the pursuit of joy was our only cause?
But now we slave for hours together… trapped in these worldly laws.


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