Standing Tall

Hark, for I hear a proud voice from within!
It speaks of places where I’ve surely been –
a place where pride is destined to fall
and another where I shall forever stand tall!

I rise to the field, a thirsty sword in hand.
And soon amidst a thousand foes I stand.
I smile for today either victory is mine
or else it is so that in Hades I dine!

Choosing my stance, let my sword now speak.
The mighty proceed, crushing the weak!
Know that I will never bow, nor yield.
Gods shall fear the very blade that I wield!

Let Heaven strike my force down with thunder,
or Death’s fatal whip throw me asunder!
Yet, I will rise to challenge the Sisters of Fate
and ride with honour through Hel’s very gate!

For come what may, I shall forever stand tall;
ever ready to raise the infernal battle call!


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