Facebook! Oh glorious vanity page,
Obsessive entertainment of the modern age!
One desperately scrolls down his walls
for pics and tags and pokes and lols.

I’ve hundreds of friends I may not know,
from a hundred places I may not go.
Oh social network who art so complete,
who rendered Orkut obsolete!

Thou art the Hub for all gossip,
where privacy is now a sinking ship.

Where one feels wanted, with a million invitations

requesting him to join all lousy applications.


Where status messaging is the fastest helpline

and the next stranger I add could be the Divine.

Another crazy wall pic where I’ve been tagged;

another photo of us where we all look stabbed.
‘Microeconomics’ may be the book’s label,
but Facebook mobile is underneath the table.
I log in to thee every break session,
eagerly expecting my next notification.

I shall post this note and tag them all.
So that comments shall come and fill my wall.



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