Your mouth waters just looking at the cakes
-chocolate sponges with chocolate fudge and vanilla flakes.
As the baker heats your slice, you can hardly wait
The inviting aroma now makes you crave for chocolate.

The cake is served – fresh, soft and warm.
You lift the piece, sink your teeth and realize its charm.
The warm nectar slowly melts in your mouth
And now… for another bite you reach out!

You like it so much that you order one more.
And it’s just as delicious as the one before.
To wash it all down you order chocolate shake
-Cold chocolate, whipped cream and all that you can take.

You like this so much that you return every day.
Sometimes you buy éclairs to relish it on your way.
Dear friend, now you see how your tastes may saturate.
You loved chocolate, but now no more – a game played by fate. 

You have now stopped visiting the café.
Any toffee offered now you’d give away.
You’ve had enough of chocolate, you want no more.
It no longer has the charm as once before.

Vanilla, pineapple or strawberry would be your choice for a while.
But someday perhaps, chocolates would serve you again that smile. 

Note:  Originally titled as ‘An Overdose of Chocolate’


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