The Man Upstairs

Do you know the man upstairs?

He’s the one they all talk about.

He sits on one of His arm chairs

and watches all who come in or go out.


He casually switches on his T.V.

and smiles at what He sees.

This is the way He meant it all to be

for you and me and all others across the seas.


He writes down his next decision

and sits back to watch it unfold.

Every detail occurs with precision

– every thought, action and dialogue told.


Everytime I decide to work things my own way

He laughs and says “I don’t think so!”

And His word is final, try as I may.

I’m just the man who lives below.


He makes his move, rolls his dice

and plays His game enjoying the thrill.

The waves that fall once again rise;

and everything proceeds as per His will.


To interrupt his game no one ever dares.

What He’ll do next no one would know.

But if you do ever speak with the man upstairs

please tell Him to spare this poor man below.


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