Let go of thee  

Could leaves leave a tree and blow away?
Could Earth be bereft of the Sun and Sun the day?
Could fire part with its light and at once die?
Could touch part with lips which say goodbye?
Please tell me if such can be
for only then can I let go of thee.

Time is a very cruel thing.
It cares not for the bird with an injured wing.
It flies so swiftly past;
And in the end only memories last.
But no matter how far we might now be
my heart refuses to let go of thee.

The leaves leave the tree to find their own way.
The Sun must disappear from earth to return a new day.
Fire gives away its light and then will die.
But my lips can never utter ‘goodbye’.
When the times are dark, please call out to me.
And I shall come back… and never let go of thee.


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