Till Death Do Us Apart

We never do truly realize

the worth of our dear friends.

Are they the ones who sympathize?

Or are they our hope when all hope ends?


During times of joy we all celebrate

though few would keep us at heart.

But true are those who’d share our fate

Till death do us apart!


When I’m depressed, I think of you

and realize how much you mean to me.

With you I know I’ll make it through

even across the roughest sea.


In the journey of life, friends may follow

And leave once they’ve played their part.

But I know that we would never let go

Till death do us apart!


Whenever I think that I’m alone

a comforting hand you lend.

You are the friend my heart has known

and my faith will never see the end!


I realize that you will stay in my heart.

Nothing can take you from me.

And even if death shall set us apart

As friends together forever we’ll be!


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