Friendship: The Broken Thread

A good friend of mine once said,

You see, friendship is like a thread.

When you cut it, it breaks

due to life’s terrible mistakes.

I replied, “That can be fixed, my friend!

If you tie a knot, the broken thread you mend.

He argued. “But that would leave a scar!
I said, “That happens in both love and war.

This knot would hold the thread even more strong.

We shall never learn until we do something wrong.

We often hurt the ones we love.

And these memories soon subside into our treasure trove.

You might feel betrayed because of words said.
But if you think it’s all over, your mind is misled.
All you need to do is tie a knot.
If you remain by his side, it means a lot.

So be glad every time someone fights with you.
He’ll be back when you’re down so that you make it through.
If your feelings are hurt because of what he said,
remember that it’s not over, it’s just a broken thread.


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