With the very acid he would titrate,

he rinsed the long and narrow burette.
Then up to the nozzle he filled it with acid
and adjusted the screw the way his instructor did.
And then from a beaker he pipetted some base;
it might sound easy, but that wasn’t the case.
For the liquid rose and fell through the tube so narrow;
Though he did suck some in, he dared not swallow.
He tried again blocking the other end with his finger.
But at the pipette’s marking the base would not linger.
At last, at 20 ml, the base did stop.
And then, into the conical flask the procuring he was to drop.
Four drops of the indicator he added, indeed.
Then to the next step he was to proceed.
Below the clamped burette he placed the flask,
And he released the screw to complete his task.
Drop by drop the acid was released;
and he swirled the flask until the neutralization ceased.
Till the yellow indicator turned colorless, and then pink,
he patiently observed and dared not to even blink.
Just one drop more of acid made the difference.
Then he tightened the burette’s screw and noted his inference.
The difference in the burette’s reading gave him the volume
of acid the neutralization of base would consume.
And thus once again with this experiment he preceded;
for yet another concurrent reading he needed.

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