And Then The Sun Replied

It was day when the Sun shone bright,
and shared with his sister, the Earth, all his light.
All life flourished as the day was warm;
the Sun reached out and stretched an arm.

Wherever there was dark, light was hope;
in every pit there was an escape rope.
Thus Earth was a lively and energetic place;
she revolved with a smile on her face.

The Sun and the Earth shared the clouds and the rain;
they understood each other’s joy and pain.
Thus the day together they spent,
but as evening approached, the Sun began his dissent.

The Earth did not wish to bid goodbye to the Sun.
But wordlessly, he disappeared into the horizon.
All light disappeared and the night was cold.
All activity ceased, but there was no brother to hold.

So the Earth said, “Brother I miss thee.
I cannot find thee even as I search the infinity.
The night is as dark and cold as can be.
But I find thee not! Have thou forgotten me?”

And then she heard a reply, “Little sis, we are not apart.
I descended towards the horizon so that I may reach thy heart.
I’m always with thee, though thou may not see.
I’m now where I belong and this is where I wish to be.”



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