My Queen

My queen! My elegant queen,

I’ve given thee almost all I had left.
Little more than a soldier I stand,
Without thee we are power bereft.

Two bishops taketh 3 soldiers each,
5 soldiers are garrisoned in each castle – east and west,
two knights lead 5 soldiers each,
And I’ve given thee all the rest!

Our army is at the battlefield.
But they cannot fight alone.
So I leave it to thee to guide them, my queen.
There is naught that I now own.

I shall never withdraw.
Not even if the enemies take the lead.
Even if our army is routed;
Or into the fort our enemies bleed!

For I have thee, my elegant queen!
Take with thee all the rest.
With thee on our side, I am assured
that we have the very best.


Flight of Imagination

As I close my eyes and open my mind,

I enter my world, leaving reality behind.
No laws or chains can restrict me
in a land where I’m forever free!
With the flamingos I fly, through the bright blue sky;
and watch the monkeys swing around, jump and cry.
The Dolphins swim through the deep blue sea.
They recognize their King and salute me.
Aye, for I am the King of my own land!
A land of lush green grass and golden sand!
The sun watches over my people all through the day,
and keeps us warm while it lights our way.
The moon takes its turn when comes the night
and smiles as he fills the land with his light.
Across the cloudy sky, with the seagulls I soar;
and watch the turtles rest upon the shore.
Even the waves of the sea salute me,
For I’m the King of my land, as I’ll always be!
Thus I leave reality behind on this occasion;
It’s not just a world of dreams but a flight of imagination!