Clarion Call!

I’ve warned you before and I say it again,
I’m not the scapegoat I was back then.
Don’t you dare stand in my way!
Don’t make this worse; not today!

No! I shall never prostrate!
I shall destroy and uncreate!
You are nothing more than a toy!
Your fate in my hands, I shall destroy!

Run away while you still can!
I’ll hunt you down, you better understand!
To let my dignity go I refuse!
I won’t surrender to your abuse!

This is my day, and the day you die.
Like a bitch you shall kneel and cry!
I am back with all my fire arms.
Raise your puny bridge; trigger all alarms!

I will be the one to watch you fall!
Great men have heard my clarion call!

—Pramodh Iyer



I don’t give a shit about what you think about magic.
The fact that you deny it, proves your life is but tragic.
If you think somethings just aren’t meant to be
you might as well deny you ever wanted me.

I don’t give a shit about what you believe,
because your disbelief made everything leave.
You are too ‘busy’ to even enjoy your day.
It goes to show that living isn’t priority that way.

You didn’t quit any job for me, you merely hate money.
You complain about your finances, which I find quite funny.
You never lived life, you merely bought into each debt.
You never made a choice when on the table t’was kept.

Don’t talk to me about magic which you don’t deserve.
Don’t talk to me at all. Let your energy remain a reserve.

—Pramodh Iyer, 7:14 PM IST, Dec 21, Wednesday, 2016


It’s silent as though the storm is impending.
But I know where my voice could be heard.
Above the mountain top where the heavens were descending,
I reached a point where the valley looked absurd.

My past wasn’t dead but it lifted me here,
I merely stepped upon it, stone by stone.
For all that I did love and all that I did fear,
were implants which the world had shown.

I find myself today, craving for solitude,
while all along I wear a gregarious mask.
These voices within won’t let me conclude
a single and simple assigned task.

“Who does this belong to?” I ask myself.
“What can I do with it to change today?”
I search each book upon my little shelf.
But there’s nothing worthy they can say.

Silentinum! I wrote those very books.
I wrote them with my own blood as ink.
I defiled them, judging them by their looks,
and with every drop shed my ship did sink.

“Why sink? And why hide?” A little voice asked.
“Can’t you just go out, spread wings and fly?”
Upon the mountain top, in glory I basked,
giving out a tumultuously insane cry.

I shall tell you the truth today: I never grew up.
The little boy I’d lost, hid in the very dark he feared.
I searched for ages; with a coin filled cup.
While that hunger he silently endeared.

“Masochism! Is this all I now deserve?”
No! I refuse to suffer any longer.
So tell those birds to silently reserve
business class; my wings have grown stronger.

—Pramodh Iyer


I know that all of this has been said,
by men who live and are never dead.
But I want to say them all again today,
For there is nothing better for me to say.

Some close their eyes and bitch about the dark.
How are they any better than the blind.
The visually impaired may see that which is stark,
while some just choose to leave the truth behind.

Some love to talk but never speak.
How are they anything more than dumb?
Even the mute may express the love we seek,
while many others have resigned to being numb.

Why does one beg on the streets of humanity,
when he can simply earn his daily bread?
Physically challenged men have built many a city,
while others mocked what the wise have said.

I shall never give up and never give in,
no matter what the world may hurl at me.
For submitting to weakness is man’s greatest sin.
And I shall build my empire on boulders thrown for free.

Let me live just another day today
and you will see what I can really do!
For if I keep marching along this way,
I will find out for myself what is really true.

I fear the dark and hence I proceed into it,
for in this cave is the treasure I seek.
I’d rather learn my lessons than be rendered unfit.
And I thank God that I can truly speak!

All I say to you is do not merely fall in love,
Love unconditionally, yes, no matter what!
To serve humanity’s needs we were chosen from above!
Remind them all of the infiniteness they merely forgot.

— Pramodh Iyer, , 8AM IST, Nov 17, 2016

The Invocation-3

Oh Freya! So lovely is her face.
She is full of magnificent grace.
Her beauty is deeper than skin;
Love emits from her heart within.

So generous is her undying love;
Magnanimous, like the heavens above.
Works with passion and industry.
Just being with her, sets me free.

She always radiates charisma.
I can’t decipher this enigma!
Her words are marked with eloquence.
Her walk is paved with elegance.

She is a kind lover who I can trust.
She is courteous, honest and just.

—Pramodh Iyer,

The Tug of War

The tug of war did cease.
We part ways seeking peace.
We cannot stay here forever.
I’ve almost emptied my quiver.

This is our peaceful end.
My attorney tried to defend.
Do truth and justice prevail?
Oh, I try to let go but fail.

I’ll miss the good old times.
Now they’re but foolish rhymes.
But that which I put on record
to retain I couldn’t afford.

I do not complain, my old friend.
This is a necessary end.
We’ve gone far from yesterday.
Far apart, no matter what we say.

This is farewell, dear old friend.
This my attorney does commend.

—Pramodh Iyer,

You Knew

You knew something I knew not.
You said t’was vain what I sought.
All I wanted was to see you live longer.
All you wanted was to return to the Creator.

I had faith but you had more.
I wanted to heal you, but I was unsure.
You wanted me to realize
that the religion I served wouldn’t suffice.

I believed in miracles, that’s for sure.
You said this would require more.
Priests and altars wouldn’t do much good.
A priest is just a man and an altar just wood.

Whether faith heals or not, you would never lie.
Thus that day I helplessly watched you die.

—Pramodh Iyer,