I know that all of this has been said,
by men who live and are never dead.
But I want to say them all again today,
For there is nothing better for me to say.

Some close their eyes and bitch about the dark.
How are they any better than the blind.
The visually impaired may see that which is stark,
while some just choose to leave the truth behind.

Some love to talk but never speak.
How are they anything more than dumb?
Even the mute may express the love we seek,
while many others have resigned to being numb.

Why does one beg on the streets of humanity,
when he can simply earn his daily bread?
Physically challenged men have built many a city,
while others mocked what the wise have said.

I shall never give up and never give in,
no matter what the world may hurl at me.
For submitting to weakness is man’s greatest sin.
And I shall build my empire on boulders thrown for free.

Let me live just another day today
and you will see what I can really do!
For if I keep marching along this way,
I will find out for myself what is really true.

I fear the dark and hence I proceed into it,
for in this cave is the treasure I seek.
I’d rather learn my lessons than be rendered unfit.
And I thank God that I can truly speak!

All I say to you is do not merely fall in love,
Love unconditionally, yes, no matter what!
To serve humanity’s needs we were chosen from above!
Remind them all of the infiniteness they merely forgot.

— Pramodh Iyer, , 8AM IST, Nov 17, 2016


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