Clarion Call!

I’ve warned you before and I say it again,
I’m not the scapegoat I was back then.
Don’t you dare stand in my way!
Don’t make this worse; not today!

No! I shall never prostrate!
I shall destroy and uncreate!
You are nothing more than a toy!
Your fate in my hands, I shall destroy!

Run away while you still can!
I’ll hunt you down, you better understand!
To let my dignity go I refuse!
I won’t surrender to your abuse!

This is my day, and the day you die.
Like a bitch you shall kneel and cry!
I am back with all my fire arms.
Raise your puny bridge; trigger all alarms!

I will be the one to watch you fall!
Great men have heard my clarion call!

—Pramodh Iyer


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