If you’re reading this, you are required.
At least life’s gift hasn’t yet expired.
You’re loved and blessed; wipe your tears.
This isn’t over yet, come face your fears.

Place a hand to your left when hope is lost.
Hear your calling, and rise at any cost.
No matter how old, you are still young.
Your glorious days are just yet to be sung.

If I face rejection, must it matter to me,
an ocean of awesomeness and a glorious sea?
This door isn’t mine today, plenty are open.
Someday the walls shall be but broken.

When the days are dark and nights cold
let us come together and let joy unfold!
This isn’t the end, we’ve faced worse!
Let us break ourselves from our own curse!

We are stars, can’t we just shine away?
When night is here, it is just another day.

So breathe!

—Pramodh Iyer, 9:05 AM IST, Dec 5, Monday, 2016

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Triveni Sangam  

A small group is praying by the river

The prayer is indeed for the dear one lost.
The river which goes on forever and ever
Shall reach the ocean at any cost.This shore beside the junction of three
is where so many wash their sins away.
This man weeps… it brings tears to me
to watch him face ‘goodbye’ today.

I watch the group on coracles row
towards the junction not so far.
My eyes flood with tears as I too know
that once dead, so gone loved ones are.

‘Every mortal born must someday die.’
They have reached the junction somehow.
This man weeps… now so do I.
‘My dear, please release my ashes now.’

On That Day

When I breathe my last,
declare me but a past!
Shed no blood or even tear.
Submit not to another fear.

When my body burns,
say, “That’s all one earns!”
Do not mourn for me.
I would forever be free.

Let no man steal
to your hearts I appeal!
Do not beg on streets
for humanity this defeats.

Burn my mistakes with fire
as I lie on my pyre.
Rejoice, for I sin no more.
Of this alone be sure.

Please feed one another
as once did your mother.
Let no man starve that day
when I finally go away.

Forget hate for once
lay down your guns.
Hurt no one in my name
let the fire burn all shame.

Let young girls stride
each street with pride.
At least that day alone
return what they own.

Once ashes dissolve into the sea
give my thanks to humanity.

—Pramodh Iyer, 8:10 AM IST, Dec 5, 2016

Valentine’s Night

In the biting cold of the chilly night,
he stood in a deserted lane under the full-moon light.
The atmosphere was misty, dark and dense;
and as he waited for her, his mind grew tense.

In his hand he gripped a rose for his love, close to his heart.
Every minute grew heavy as they were apart.
As midnight approached, he felt impatience.
For with every minute, death’s approach he could sense.

And then, amidst the mist, he saw a figure appear.
He breathed, and called out, “So you have come my dear!”
In the moonlit night, he admired her face.
Her beauty, from his memories, not even death could erase.
Slowly, she approached him, her face so pale.

“Even as my end approaches, I feared only our love would fail.”
She remained silent, but gazed into his eyes.
The atmosphere was still and the air was as cold as ice.
“Time is running short and my end approaches, dear.
Before I leave, to hold you once more, I’ve called you here.
For though the devil may consume my soul and play his part,
you my dear will always possess my heart.”

From her eyes trickled down her cheeks, tears as sweet as due.
Finally, she spoke, “Oh my love, will you not take me with you?

For I believe, when you are near
not even of death shall I ever fear.
If so tonight you must depart,
not even the devil should tear us apart.”

He held her hands, feeling their warmth in his palms
and then they kissed, as he held her tightly in his arms.
The cold and darkness surrounded them slowly.
But they held on to each other tightly.
Despite the dark, they stood in ignorant bliss,
for with their eyes closed, they honored the eternal kiss.
And though the cold attacked them from all around,
their arms held each other, gently wound.
Finally, when death could no longer wait,
The two acknowledged their impending fate.
And thus, the darkness slowly set them free;
so they may rest together in peace, for all eternity.

The Red Fathwa

I declare the hour to paint the streets.
And I want them dead, so paint them red!
Until this task each demon completes,
remember the words that I have just said!

The devil calls me to feed them all,
and I’ve seen enough to thirst for blood!
So butcher each man at every stall!
Don’t wash my axe after every thud!

I demand each and every bloody head,
to decorate my hungry crimson walls!
I have said enough, now paint them red!
Let’s laugh at every douche as he falls!

Paint them red and paint them right now!
I’ve waited enough: no delay shall I allow.

Paint them right now!

—Pramodh Iyer

Another Pig In The Mud

This probably makes no sense at all
but I’m he who answered the Devil’s call.
And all I want now is one more glass
to drink and say, “This too shall pass.”

No, keep your rum. I just want blood.
I’m just another pig in the mud.
I don’t know love, I don’t know hate.
I’m just a victim who blames fate.

Don’t wake me up, I hardly sleep.
Don’t forget to laugh, even when I weep.
I merely exist until I’m slaughtered
and then served as the meat you ordered.

Keep your booze. I just want blood.
I’d probably settle for shit… a pig in the mud.

–Pramodh Iyer, 11:15 PM IST, Dec 3, 2016

Just For Today

Oh divinity who brought me here
to rise above influence without fear!
I don’t know who you really are
but I’m certain that you aren’t far!

Just for today, give me serenity!
Let things be as you meant them to be!
Just for today, give me courage to rise,
and change what to you doesn’t suffice!

Give me wisdom to merely understand
that you’ve got all wonders for me planned!
I will seize this day in thy holy name
and life shall be more than just a game.

I know why I’m here again today,
I’m back for what you have to say!

– Pramodh Iyer, 6:24 AM IST, November 30, Wednesday, 2016