Valentine’s Night

In the biting cold of the chilly night,
he stood in a deserted lane under the full-moon light.
The atmosphere was misty, dark and dense;
and as he waited for her, his mind grew tense.

In his hand he gripped a rose for his love, close to his heart.
Every minute grew heavy as they were apart.
As midnight approached, he felt impatience.
For with every minute, death’s approach he could sense.

And then, amidst the mist, he saw a figure appear.
He breathed, and called out, “So you have come my dear!”
In the moonlit night, he admired her face.
Her beauty, from his memories, not even death could erase.
Slowly, she approached him, her face so pale.

“Even as my end approaches, I feared only our love would fail.”
She remained silent, but gazed into his eyes.
The atmosphere was still and the air was as cold as ice.
“Time is running short and my end approaches, dear.
Before I leave, to hold you once more, I’ve called you here.
For though the devil may consume my soul and play his part,
you my dear will always possess my heart.”

From her eyes trickled down her cheeks, tears as sweet as due.
Finally, she spoke, “Oh my love, will you not take me with you?

For I believe, when you are near
not even of death shall I ever fear.
If so tonight you must depart,
not even the devil should tear us apart.”

He held her hands, feeling their warmth in his palms
and then they kissed, as he held her tightly in his arms.
The cold and darkness surrounded them slowly.
But they held on to each other tightly.
Despite the dark, they stood in ignorant bliss,
for with their eyes closed, they honored the eternal kiss.
And though the cold attacked them from all around,
their arms held each other, gently wound.
Finally, when death could no longer wait,
The two acknowledged their impending fate.
And thus, the darkness slowly set them free;
so they may rest together in peace, for all eternity.


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