On That Day

When I breathe my last,
declare me but a past!
Shed no blood or even tear.
Submit not to another fear.

When my body burns,
say, “That’s all one earns!”
Do not mourn for me.
I would forever be free.

Let no man steal
to your hearts I appeal!
Do not beg on streets
for humanity this defeats.

Burn my mistakes with fire
as I lie on my pyre.
Rejoice, for I sin no more.
Of this alone be sure.

Please feed one another
as once did your mother.
Let no man starve that day
when I finally go away.

Forget hate for once
lay down your guns.
Hurt no one in my name
let the fire burn all shame.

Let young girls stride
each street with pride.
At least that day alone
return what they own.

Once ashes dissolve into the sea
give my thanks to humanity.

—Pramodh Iyer, 8:10 AM IST, Dec 5, 2016




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