If you’re reading this, you are required.
At least life’s gift hasn’t yet expired.
You’re loved and blessed; wipe your tears.
This isn’t over yet, come face your fears.

Place a hand to your left when hope is lost.
Hear your calling, and rise at any cost.
No matter how old, you are still young.
Your glorious days are just yet to be sung.

If I face rejection, must it matter to me,
an ocean of awesomeness and a glorious sea?
This door isn’t mine today, plenty are open.
Someday the walls shall be but broken.

When the days are dark and nights cold
let us come together and let joy unfold!
This isn’t the end, we’ve faced worse!
Let us break ourselves from our own curse!

We are stars, can’t we just shine away?
When night is here, it is just another day.

So breathe!

—Pramodh Iyer, 9:05 AM IST, Dec 5, Monday, 2016

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