An Unpleasant Point of View

You are worth nothing to me.
A mere indulgence were you.
Just a drug, of which I’m free.
Nothing you ever said was true.

You weren’t love, but mere lust.
Now I must confess we’re through.
You are now just my sawdust.
And an unpleasant point of view.

I look back at you with pity.
We should have never been.
I don’t want you in my city.
All that’s left of you is obscene.

You’re naught but a nightmare.
And I shall not inhale your stench.
I never said life would be fair.
Wait if you must on that bench.

You are just a facial tissue.
I blew my nose and disposed.
I’ll reach out to find something new.
You were just a tax imposed.

Walk away and never look back.
I don’t want to ever see you again.
Else I’ll wrap you up into a sack
and discard you like my pain.

— Pramodh Iyer, 5:50 PM IST, Dec 5, Monday 2016


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