Pandora’s Boxes

As I return to where I was before
Karma awaits me by the shore.
Only I know where I’ve been.
Now I must account for every sin.

In this dark chamber I smoke away
sulking about life, night and day.
I serve no purpose here, or so I fear.
I now let go of all whom I hold dear.

All those who sacrificed their lives,
because I stabbed them with all my knives,
chose to be still with me, in my heart
as yet another toxic day I now start.

I compose this not because I quit,
but my restless mind paces as I sit.
I’ve opened Pandora’s boxes once again.
I’m no more sane than I was back then.

The Devil calls out to me all the time.
I can’t complain about him in this rhyme.
If Karma wants her pound of flesh
then my soul she’ll have to thresh.

I search for peace, and I cannot cease.
There are souls I ought to put to ease.
If my Savior can read this poem now.
Can He save me again today somehow?

My sin is heavy, there’s a price to pay.
I’m going to Hel no matter what I do or say.

No matter what I do or say.

Chief Editor of


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