Have you seen my Key – 2

Once again I cuffed my hand
hoping that I’d never sin.
At crossroads, today I stand.
Only I know where I’ve been.

I made my rules and broke them too.
I wanted discipline to set me free.
Now I’m not sure what exactly is true.
Please tell me if you’ve seen my key.

A thousand beggars have passed by.
I told them that I wasn’t better off.
Neither sin nor cuff; neither truth nor lie
will convince the ones who scoff.

My mom asked me to search myself.
I searched, yet no key was found.
I searched religious books in my shelf
but they were just too profound.

Why on earth did I cuff myself again?
My arms are covered with cigarette burns.
I’m no more disciplined then back then.
And now the wheel of Karma turns.

My boss said I need to get a life.
He asked me to find another locksmith.
The locksmith said that no fork nor knife
can pick such a self-imposed lock herewith.

The Temple advises me to chant;
and the church, to answer the altar call.
There is just no point now if I rant.
Will God catch me whenever I fall?

My hands are tied and yet I sin.
My chances of salvation grow thin.
I’m neither self-restrained nor free.
Please let me know if you’ve seen my key.


A Chief Editor of about.me/tsoimagazine


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