A Ticket For Two

This is where I must bid yesterday good bye.
I must leave her at this platform with a heavy sigh.
This is my train and I’m going somewhere away.
Perhaps you and I shall finally meet someday.

Truth be told, I’ve really grown very old.
I bought all the lies which I to myself told.
But I’m going away to where I came from.
Bid Kansas good bye, Dorothy, this is a storm.

Let’s go back to where I once lost the munchkin I was.
Growing up never served any righteous cause.
This train will take me away from the poppy fields.
Tell the Wizard I return to claim the wand he wields.

When there is magic I ain’t ever bored.
And I need no yellow brick road.
Lions, tigers and bears may frolic.
My train shall carry me like a workaholic.

When my journey ends, I’ll call out to you.
You and I shall shall buy a ticket for two.

about.me/zardy 11 PM IST, December 23, Friday, 2016

A Chief Editor of about.me/tsoimagazine


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