Till Death Do Us Apart-2

There was a hall where the two of them wed,
The Queen of the living and the King of the dead.
This wedding God himself did attend
from the beginning to the very end.

“I would die for you!” Said Death. “For you are my love.
You are more precious than God above.”
“And I’ll live for you,” Said Life. “for you are my own.
And together we’ll reign over the cyclic throne.”

Their wedding vows make my hair stand straight,
a marriage which graced even the Pearly Gates.
When men live they’ll be in the bosom of Life.
And when they die, Death will pull out his knife.

Live while alive until Death calls upon you too.
Until then let’s make merry through and through.

—Pramodh Iyer, 6:22 PM IST, Dec 22, Thursday, 2016 about.me/zardy


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