Yaksha’s Questions

To where did they disappear?” Yudhisthira began wonder.
“Surely my brothers could not have committed a blunder.”
He searched and searched until he came by a lake.
He saw their bodies lying by the shore yet did not shake.

He bent before the lake, cupped his hands to take a drink
Then a Yaksha appeared before him, at the very brink.
“Drink not from this lake. Until you answer my questions.” He said.
“Your brothers refused to listen, which is why they’re now dead.”

Yudhisthira answered every question the Yakshaka did ask.
Thus the divine being granted him a boon for fulfilling this task.
“You may take one brother back with you.” The Yaksha said.
Yudhishtira claimed. “Then I resurrect Nakula back from the dead.”

“And Why so?” “Because he’s my dear step-brother.
It is only fair that there be a son for each mother.”
And lo! The Yaksha turned into Yamaraj.
“You are truly my avatar,” Said he. “Oh Dharmaraj!”

One brother was to be resurrected, but instead,
Every brother awoke, who had once dropped dead.


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