My apologies

Dear Meghna,

I’m very sorry that I ruined your day.
I would have apologized earlier had I known what to say.
I’m not going to try justifying what I’ve done;
If there’s anyone to blame, then I’m the only one.

I assumed that I could take liberty as you are my friend
and hence fighting with you has become my trend.
But I never realized that I was going too far;
Or that my words would leave upon our friendship a scar.

If I upset you, I’d like you to know that I’m upset as well.
I know that what I did was wrong though I didn’t tell.
But what surprised me was the fact that I made you cry.
If such a strong girl should weep, I ask myself “why?”

It is not because you’re a girl and sensitive so.
It is because I went too far; but now I know.
I don’t know how to mend a broken heart.
I’m not the Lord, this is not my art.

But I want you to forgive me and let my soul be at ease.
I’m sorry, Meghna! Please accept my apologies.

Your friend
A Chief Editor of


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