When She Cries Upon Her Knees

To the Land of the Mortals
descended two unearthly beings.
Unaccustomed to this world,
they stood beholding their surroundings.

Taking their usual forms,
the two faced each other.
The Angel smiled at the Demon, and said
“How have you been, dear brother?”

The Demon snorted in reply,
and looked away from him.
For brothers though they were once,
he was no longer one of them.

The Angel smiled, nonetheless,
and continued to speak again.
“After a long time we meet, Oh brother,
I see you’re the same as then.”

The Demon stayed silent at this
slowly he inhaled the air.
He stood leering at his brother’s face;
for love and sentiments, he didn’t care.

“Do you see what these humans have done
to the very world you protect?
They have ruined the earth given to them,
by the God they don’t respect!”

The Angel smiled and replied,
“These mortals are innocent beings.
They don’t realize what they do is wrong,
but they aren’t devoid of feelings.”

The Demon snorted once again.
“How stupid can you be?
They have been warned well enough,
and yet how they behave, can’t you see?

Enough words have been wasted
by the prophets you send!
Enough time had they to change,
and now I believe it is the end!”

The Angel was still smiling, listening to him.
Their perceptions had never met.
“You must go back, my brother.
Your time has not come yet.”

“These mortals have lived like beasts
despite all that they were given.
They have made a hell of the Earth
which at the beginning of time was heaven.

And now I have come to fulfill my task.
I will do what I’m assigned to do.
I will not let anything come in my way;
No brother, not even you.”

The Demon spoke so furiously
and yet the Angel remained calm.
“Even so, these mortals I must protect.
I cannot let you do them harm.”

This enraged the demon even more;
the flames in his eyes were lit.
He drew his sword and plunged forward.
The Angel replied, “So be it!”

Before the Demon could strike
the Angel had risen off the ground.
Within a swish, he disappeared.
The Demon looked around.

And there, with wings spread out
was the Angel, floating in mid-air.
The Demon stamped and roared at him,
“Come fight me if you dare!”

Thus a fight erupted,
with the clash of swords.
Sparks flew from metal,
and sparks flew from words.

“Can’t you see your fight is in vain?
All their innocence has gone!”

The demon argued, still fighting
as their battle carried on.

“These humans are like children.
They know not what they do.”
“And a thousand times they were warned.
O’ brother, isn’t that true?

You protect all these humans,
for that, I won’t ask why.
But when they kill all other beings,
will you simply let them die?

For justice you stand and so do I.
I have come for my share of blood!
Let the human race and hypocrisy

all be reduced to mud.”

“But please give them some time;
They can still change!”

“Such miracles, my dear brother,
How will you arrange?”

The Demon fought hard,
but the Angel was fast.
Then there was a sudden flash,
and the Demon was disarmed at last!

The two stood silent,
The Angel had won.
But the humans were to be punished
for all the atrocities done.

The Demon still furious,
swore underneath his breath.
He uttered oaths of destruction
and prophecies of death.

“Be it so! I will go today,
and come back when Earth cries!
And then I shall drain all blood
until I ensure that the very last man dies.”

And so saying, the Demon did go.
The atmosphere did ease.
But he will be back that day
when Earth cries upon her knees.


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