Adaa Hafiz

A glass of brandy and her indifference
that fuels me a smile from her very essence.
I do realize that miracles need be done
if her heart, so concealed, should ever be won.

A cigarette to her lips, lit with her own passion;
She smokes away all her frustration.
Words that she honors flow out with wisdom
like hookah from her lips, against earth’s own system.

A pretty smile, I think I would die for.
A small sip of rum, and then maybe some more.
So bold and even so beautiful;
Her indifference now seems quite graceful.

She lights a cigarette; offers it to me.
It’s just as romantic as the evening could be.
Towards the end when burns dim the midnight ember.
my name she still cares not to remember.

When asked she replies that our evening was… almost nice.
I shake her hand, almost as cold as ice.
I might not get to meet her once again.
But memories shall take me back there and then.
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