To Know Insanity

There is a place only few have been.
You’d meet the craziest you’ve ever seen.
It’s a place where expression is free.
It’s a place haunted by weirdos like me.

Kitty shares several pictures of her pets.
Thank goodness they aren’t posing with vets.
Sreeja filled the galleries with travel photography.
But then from our nonsense she had to flee.
Aarti fled too, in Pizza’s crusade and pursuit.
I’m now certain she’s also found an option called ‘mute’.

They were several inspiring quotes posted by Vani.
Now she makes guest appearances in our zindagi ki kahani.
Neha composes songs along the Spanish road.
We’ll see her when they’re online; please upload.
Nilesh makes videos too; he’s an informative one.
And he reads Harry Potter now; I’m sure he’s having fun.

Mr. Venkataraman posts many inspiring stories.
And I share them with you to end your worries.
Mortals may or may not read what I write.
But in this hub, all my writing comes to light.

Nischi sends us inviting digital food.
If I don’t steal it all, it’d be quite rude.
Hypno DaBag has a shiny bald head.
He claims to be Satan; that’s blasphemy instead.
Nidhi reads astrology, which sounds interesting too.
And Shivi would read a few Angel cards to you.

Pratik was in Las Vegas earlier, you see.
If he begets a child, just name him after me.
Parag has returned to Metal as the prodigal child.
Quoting mainstream would make him go wild.

Gautam is wondering ‘Why did this happen to me?’
You belong to our institution, don’t you see?
Ranjana is going to Ohio very soon.
The Tristate would be pleased, I assume.

We convene in a room to discuss what does overlap.
We use a secret portal and it’s called WhatsApp.

Hush! Don’t tell the mortals!
A Chief Editor of


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