​Just Wondering

Suppose life was more than just a story to tell;
suppose we see more than  business to sell;

if a person isn’t just our emotional dumping ground;

could we be more than just noise and sound?
What if we aren’t right about anything?

What if righteousness wasn’t ours  to sing?

Would we judge anyone and play victim again?

Could we possibly see that we’re not alone then?
Imagine if we don’t merely assume, judge, and conclude.

Would we receive each other or forever elude?

What if we don’t signify ourselves so much?

Could this possibly bring back our human touch?
I know that I’d no longer have another complaint

if I choose right now to be humane  than a saint.

But, since it’s all hypothetical, are we really alive?

Could one choice alone not our  humanity revive?

By about.me/zardy


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