​The Supermind System

As beings we’re truly infinite, 

though we often choose not to be.
A system of what’s wrong and right
is just polarity; can’t we see?

What if it’s all just our perspective?
What if we could create by choice?
The system has another objective:
on autopilot we’d forget our voice.

We created this just to play small.
The system has taken over now.
Religion, education, marriage, and all
control our very lives somehow.

We’re brainwashed from birth:
parenting makes us judge choice.
Education isn’t down to earth.
We’re told ‘how to’ use our voice.
Religion is but dichotomy:
It’ll first say that you’re wrong.
Marriage hardly sets us free.
We’d sing each other the same song.
Employment provides us salary:
It’s just a bribe to stall your dreams.
And the media fills up with misery
to entertain us with our own screams.

It’s not just a theory when you actually look around your lives.
We created the system too
and we now muffle our own sighs.

Please do know this: it’s not real.
Perspective alone makes reality.
Time is an illusion quite surreal.
The past and future is now, you see.

Let go of the need to be right.
The system feeds on dichotomy!
What if we go by what’s light?
We wouldn’t ‘believe’ but receive!

By about.me/zardy


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