​A Soldier

I wish I was a soldier, not that I love war.

I’d rather know what it’s like for legs to travel far.
To know what it’s like to miss my family.
Worlds of hunger and pain, is the least I’d see.

A soldier would not kill the innocent.
But it’s injustice he’d surely prevent.
His family are all citizens; his mother his land.
Truth of war and bloodshed I’d understand.

Peace was never free for it costs soldiers too.
Hardly sleep but starve, at borders for me and you.
It’s easy to say that each is a stoic soul.
They’ve all the love and fear, but to  use as coal.

No I’m not a soldier, my age and physique smirk.
And all my discipline allows me is writing this, my perk.

By about.me/zardy


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