​No Secrets

There are no secrets, and there is no truth.
There are no strangers, for bodies are soot.

I lie to myself again that this is alright.

It’s yet another spark to set all a light.
There’s no certain path to explore.

I’m wandering the dessert as before.

A seeker would learn: no pain can deny.

That’s all he’d do when he’s left to die.
There are no stories; not a battle call.

There’s no evil, for every god does  fall.

There are no emotions or feelings to see.

There is no tear; I’m one with the sea.



I have a choice to make as I stand on cross roads.
I have a choice to make and shed all my loads.

I don’t need baggage, for baggage is heavy.

I have a choice to negotiate every tax you levy.
I’ve always had a choice; today I make my stance.

I shall forget this world and slip into a sacred dance.

I care not for judgements passed on me

by people so petty; they care not to see.
I always have a choice; I choose to be alive!

If you too made your choice, this would be a swive.

Tell the world to carry on, I choose to break free.

I don’t want to be with those who choose not to see.

​Please Don’t Beg

Don’t beg in my neighborhood, 
I’d rather you seek a job.

Begging is not something I would

because the economy it does rob.
Don’t beg on my street, my brother.

I don’t care for such vile deceit.

I care not about your false hunger.

Just get back on your strong feet!
Don’t just beg in front of me.

Take off those pointless shades.

I know that you can actually see.

But you watch as your youth fades.
Please ask me not for food.

I’d rather employ you today.

Begging is never that good.

Such men in history won’t stay.