Wait For Adventure?

(Edited Version)

I waited for Hagrid for so long to drop by some day.

“You’re a wizard, Harry!” I thought he’d say.

I shan’t wait for Gandalf to invite me on adventure.

I’m going on my own; I need no joint venture.
I waited for Santa to bring me my gift.

The days of my childhood passed by so swift.

When I fight trolls, and break my teeth,

I won’t wait for the Tooth Fairy to give me a sweet.
I waited for Kenobi to train me as Jedi.

It’s too late to wait now until I die.

I shan’t wait for Brom; and Arya has a life.

So, how could I stay when Tyrion’s bored with his wife?


Poets Anonymous

Our meetings are meant to be

anonymous and in secrecy.

Where each man wears a hood
like every member should.
If one could wear his mask
it would facilitate the task.

And no names would be taken;
no introduction need be given.

Meetings are to be underground
on shady lanes with none around.

What happens there doesn’t leave;

so must each story that we weave.

While others indulge in activity
I’ll be somewhere with poetry.
Each would live and let be.
That’s spiritual enough to me!



I hate to say this but grown ups are dumb.

They’ve been blind and absolutely numb.

We’re thrown into school, convinced we’re fools,

brainwashed on assembly lines to be mere tools.
Then their dogma is shoved up our faces.

Religion converts us into life’s own disgraces.

We take up science towards in preuniversity,

because society convinces us that all else is shitty.
Then we end up in a pig sex like engineering.

Our dreams are worthless, or so we’re left fearing.

By the end of all this, we end up meeting shrinks.

By now, into our hearts hopelessness sinks.
We get a job in desperation, and work nine to five.

Can’t guarantee our ends will meet; we’ll be kept alive.

They’ll marry us off some day; we’ll end up like them.

We’ll reproduce kids like a sick man does phlegm.
Until we die a worthless death, we’re in deep shit.

I hope you enjoy all of this, every single bit.

The Wisdom Well

There is a glass half-empty

and an empty cup as well.
The first is but a pity
while the other rings a bell.

If I emptied my glass
when I approach the guild,
would I, as a seeker, pass,
or just keep it half-filled?

I’ve no excuse or apology
for my half-filled glass.
I don’t seek epiphany
save, ‘This too shall pass!’

Mímír’s Well has a drink
of endless wisdom, you see.
I’ll take one fill to the brink
if it takes an eye to be free.

By about.me/zardy

From The Android Bitches

Prisoners of IOS, a flashy phone is all you bought.

Truth be told, you paid more for what you got.
In my hand is all I need, and a powerful tool.
Steve Jobs merely aspired to make customer a fool.

I dropped my phone a dozen times, yet it survived.
If your phone so much as touches base, it can’t be revived.
Even if to amend your phone you do proceed,
you’d have to sell yet another organ to someone in need.

My android doesn’t need an iTunes to play.
A thousand apps play piracy every  day.
Any android charger’d do; can’t say  so for you.
The Forbidden Fruit makes you buy a thousand others too.

You bought a phone at a laptop’s price.
But I suppose Jobs in Hell with satisfaction cries.

By about.me/zardy

​No Secrets

There are no secrets, and there is no truth.
There are no strangers, for bodies are soot.

I lie to myself again that this is alright.

It’s yet another spark to set all a light.
There’s no certain path to explore.

I’m wandering the dessert as before.

A seeker would learn: no pain can deny.

That’s all he’d do when he’s left to die.
There are no stories; not a battle call.

There’s no evil, for every god does  fall.

There are no emotions or feelings to see.

There is no tear; I’m one with the sea.


I have a choice to make as I stand on cross roads.
I have a choice to make and shed all my loads.

I don’t need baggage, for baggage is heavy.

I have a choice to negotiate every tax you levy.
I’ve always had a choice; today I make my stance.

I shall forget this world and slip into a sacred dance.

I care not for judgements passed on me

by people so petty; they care not to see.
I always have a choice; I choose to be alive!

If you too made your choice, this would be a swive.

Tell the world to carry on, I choose to break free.

I don’t want to be with those who choose not to see.