The Guru

I was sent into a world of darkness.
And, for years I wandered the abyss.
Knew not myself, I drowned in ‘wrongness‘.
I knew not that I’m Infinite Bliss.

He came to me, that shabby old man.
His face wrinkled, and teeth stained.
His eyes twinkled with a clever plan.
He stood by me as it thundered and rained.

I had but one piece of bread to eat;
had naught to share; I myself did beg.
He humbly sat by my roadside seat,
majestically: one leg over the other leg.

His robes were torn, his beard unkempt;
through beard white, he smiled.
I offered what I had, but he did exempt.
Our Truth could never be defiled!

We sat together, silently for hours.
He was my only company that night.
As I began to appreciate the stars,
I’d forgotten all misery by twilight.


He stood up laughing at me, like a child.
I too smiled; he vanished into the wild.

~Pramodh Iyer


MY diary?

Why I falter, I cannot say.

I just fall time and again!
Misery haunts me night and day.
Yet, I march into your den.

You are you, I am me;
What is it that I fear?
Your smile does not let me be.
Because you are you, my dear.

I am your prey, as of today
Try as I may, I cannot rest.
Wicked can’t sleep, they say,
though they try their best.

To live my life, I beg myself,
but my heart beats for thee.
Is there a book upon my shelf
which would set me free?

My diary?

~Pramodh Iyer

The Shadow

Where there is darkness, you’ll see
I stand by ones rejected by society.

Where there is hate, I’d love to be.
Let me be just kindness to misery.

When there’s judgement, you’ll see
I’m still the required equanimity.

Where I am, no one else shall be.
I’m but the one they daren’t set free.

Where there’s ignorance, you’ll know
that to those who suffer, I now go.

It’s alright; I’ll always be me.
I am the ruler of Glorious Anarchy.

~ Pramodh Iyer

Empty Vessels

I don’t like interrupting you.
I’m doing this for my head.
I talk a lot, that’s certainly true,
and I’m not sure why what’s said.

My tongue has a mind of its own.
I’m just don’t have the right lock.
I speak, lest my head gets blown,
even speak to myself, round the clock.

It’s probably unfair on my part
to ‘attack with an army of data‘.
You might suggest a silent art
but my silence is hardly for a ‘beta‘.

Perhaps, empty vessels serve well.
I’d make a really good morning bell.

~Pramodh Iyer

Just Stop

STOP making my life so awesome!
This is definitely NOT all good!

A flower must NEVER blossom!

We MUST live as society says we should.
STOP inspiring me this instant!

I don’t want your undervalued love!

For all kind deeds you MUST repent!

This is the will of the God above!
DON’T give me such worthless poetry.

Your words are never to be read.

I just want a life of endless misery!

You keep me alive when I’d rather be dead.
And, if you don’t STOP here, I will take action!

I will write a poem for you, inspiring each fraction!

So STOP! (And Happy Birthday, Vani!)

~Pramodh Iyer

A Bucket-List

You know what breaks my heart,
and assures me that Life is a lie?
The living mourn when we part
and only the Fortunate may die.

Someday, for sure, I’ll finally play
a Game I’d really find of worth;
I’ll pull the Trigger for the Roulette,
and then my body will drop to Dirt.

The only thing on my Bucket-List
is that I truly want to Die too.
And this plot shall have just a twist,
I’d Love to die Forgetting you.

I have too many fingers to count
who’d notice when I’m finally Dead.
Not even Enemies have I, who’d taunt
what this Madman could have said.

One truth I do know: we all die alone.
I wasn’t born in a tresh as much as a Grave.
I’m just another seed which was badly sown.
When my turn comes, I Hope I’d be brave.

~Pramodh Iyer

The Day I Learned

I learned from life that darkness isn’t bad.

I learned that poetry isn’t always sad.
I learned that black is a beautiful color;
and the importance of loving one another.

I learned that sin was just a word.
When morality flies out, my heart’s a bird.
I learned that to judge is merely to die.
I learned that it’s okay for men to cry.

I learned that education isnt for what we pay.
I learned that for needs one mustn’t pray.
Education is Lifes gift; I learn from her well.
I prayed when life knocked; on my knees I fell.

I learned that money isn’t mere ‘evil paper’.
I was rich when I saw king behave like pauper.
I learned that college was just a hoax.
When text-books failed, Life taught me, dear folks.

I learned this: life is not a prison.
Others too shall, when they take their turn to listen.

~Pramodh Iyer