I don’t give a shit about what you think about magic.
The fact that you deny it, proves your life is but tragic.
If you think somethings just aren’t meant to be
you might as well deny you ever wanted me.

I don’t give a shit about what you believe,
because your disbelief made everything leave.
You are too ‘busy’ to even enjoy your day.
It goes to show that living isn’t priority that way.

You didn’t quit any job for me, you merely hate money.
You complain about your finances, which I find quite funny.
You never lived life, you merely bought into each debt.
You never made a choice when on the table t’was kept.

Don’t talk to me about magic which you don’t deserve.
Don’t talk to me at all. Let your energy remain a reserve.

—Pramodh Iyer, 7:14 PM IST, Dec 21, Wednesday, 2016