It pains me to say this,
but ignorance isn’t bliss.
Truth may hurt for a while,
but illusions alone defile.

An ocean you can’t un-fill
is Desire, although the waves thrill.
No matter what you do get
there’s no satisfaction but regret.

People come and go back again
life goes on as endless pain.
Love isn’t blind, it blinds all.
It’s the Hades in which we fall.

If you ever wish to know me,
find me where you’d never be.
I’m not really emptying the sea,
I’m just setting sail to be free

~Pramodh Iyer


Just Another Illusion

I bought it at the price of everything I possessed.
The cost was handsome; could I really protest?
I had no time to invest on all this.
Could the expense bring me eternal bliss?

Tell me if there is truly a risk?
Perhaps the loss of the casino was a harddisk.
What would I stand to gain, wiser in pursuit?
An extrapolation based on what I compute.

Time has always been an illusion from the start.
Ask a physicist to sell his doctorate on Flipkart.
“Nothing was ever bought!” Or so they said.
Blame it on the pioneer who was never fed.

They sold it, you bought it, to deliver it to me.
Time is but an illusion; so is reality.

~Pramodh Iyer,

​Burning Bridges-2

There was a bridge I once built,
across rivers of my own blood spilt.

I built it by day and visited at night;

romanced away under starlight.
I went to bed filling a hundred pages

of being with her throughout the ages.

Bloody ink was soon smudge by tears,

the day truths became my darkest fears.
Upon the bridge I saw her stand

with all my pages in one hand.

Beside her stood the devil’s boss

who bought my bridge for his cause.
The rivers ran dry, but not did my eyes.

Pillows often soak as every poet dies.

One day I heard a voice from hell.

He spoke to my heart, and I knew it well.
“Awake, rise above or forever be fall’n!

You know what to do, for I have spoken!”

In the darkest dungeons, a lesson was learnt.

Just know this: that bridge was burnt.
She stood there with him smirking at me.

And today they but rot in my memories.


Letters conclude but I wait for the rest.

Sometimes, the afterthought is the  best.
But, the ink fades away before I reach.
What IS the lesson you’ve come to teach?

There’s always a postscript; is it you?
“If it isn’t sense, then it isn’t true!”
I search for your signature to see
if it could been you addressing me.

We’re both looking for the same trouble.
I’m still wandering in the same bubble.
Whether this goes far or leaves a scar,
this is a letter I received from a Star.

~Pramodh Iyer

Raising Our Red-Pennant (Edited Version)

T’was on a shore so far away
and I was too drunk for night or day.

On that shore was a Tavern so good…

to go there every Pirate should!
There was a man with a wooden leg

dowing his Old-Spice, peg by peg.

I was told he faced Poseidon, himself, 

and even escaped Hades’ shelf.
He told me that he had a Map

which led to treasures overlap.

I laughed as he shared almost in vain, 

but my curiosity always did sustain.
For a bag of Gold and a pint of Mead 

to take Map from him I did succeed.

T’was drawn with Blood; handsome too.

T’was a Pirate-Quest, through and through.
I talked to low-lives by the Tavern bar

none of them had traveled so far.

But, when I let them know of the Gold

our Pirate-Journey was to unfold.
I kissed the Wench who served us Rum

until my own lips grew numb.

The crew and I left with Greed in heart

and from the Tavern we did depart.
We Cut some Throats by the shore; 

laughed as sailors dropped to the floor.

Their glorious ship was now ours

and we set sail to the Ocean of Stars.
Davy Jones feared our intent;

Leviathan avoided our Red-Pennant!

As a Pirate-Lord I’ll return ashore, someday.

Pray that the navy guards your Bay.
~Pramodh Iyer,

The Dark Prophecy

When erupted the flames, I knew her face well.

She said, “Fear not! I’m another demon from Hel.”
“What message does Lucifer send?” I asked.
“To reclaim the world” Said she, “you’ve been tasked.”

“You alone were chosen to seize this day.

Smite all who stand in your way!”

“But I’m just words.” I said. “What could I achieve?”
“Your words are prophecies,” Said she. “We believe!”

“Fear not the day, the Sun shall set;
and the self-righteousness shall forget.
Remember: your words are our voices spoken.
All mortals shall bow and hail none but Satan!”

~Pramodh Iyer,