I know that all of this has been said,
by men who live and are never dead.
But I want to say them all again today,
For there is nothing better for me to say.

Some close their eyes and bitch about the dark.
How are they any better than the blind.
The visually impaired may see that which is stark,
while some just choose to leave the truth behind.

Some love to talk but never speak.
How are they anything more than dumb?
Even the mute may express the love we seek,
while many others have resigned to being numb.

Why does one beg on the streets of humanity,
when he can simply earn his daily bread?
Physically challenged men have built many a city,
while others mocked what the wise have said.

I shall never give up and never give in,
no matter what the world may hurl at me.
For submitting to weakness is man’s greatest sin.
And I shall build my empire on boulders thrown for free.

Let me live just another day today
and you will see what I can really do!
For if I keep marching along this way,
I will find out for myself what is really true.

I fear the dark and hence I proceed into it,
for in this cave is the treasure I seek.
I’d rather learn my lessons than be rendered unfit.
And I thank God that I can truly speak!

All I say to you is do not merely fall in love,
Love unconditionally, yes, no matter what!
To serve humanity’s needs we were chosen from above!
Remind them all of the infiniteness they merely forgot.

— Pramodh Iyer, , 8AM IST, Nov 17, 2016



With the very acid he would titrate,

he rinsed the long and narrow burette.
Then up to the nozzle he filled it with acid
and adjusted the screw the way his instructor did.
And then from a beaker he pipetted some base;
it might sound easy, but that wasn’t the case.
For the liquid rose and fell through the tube so narrow;
Though he did suck some in, he dared not swallow.
He tried again blocking the other end with his finger.
But at the pipette’s marking the base would not linger.
At last, at 20 ml, the base did stop.
And then, into the conical flask the procuring he was to drop.
Four drops of the indicator he added, indeed.
Then to the next step he was to proceed.
Below the clamped burette he placed the flask,
And he released the screw to complete his task.
Drop by drop the acid was released;
and he swirled the flask until the neutralization ceased.
Till the yellow indicator turned colorless, and then pink,
he patiently observed and dared not to even blink.
Just one drop more of acid made the difference.
Then he tightened the burette’s screw and noted his inference.
The difference in the burette’s reading gave him the volume
of acid the neutralization of base would consume.
And thus once again with this experiment he preceded;
for yet another concurrent reading he needed.

The Laws of Conservation

In search of wealth, in times of old,

the alchemists tried to convert lead to gold.
But substances remained as much as they always were;
and so came to prove the great Lavoisier.
With the most primitive methods that he employed,
he proved matter can neither be created nor destroyed.
And this simple law brought to science a great revolution;
it was Lavoisier’s Law of Mass Conservation!

But even back then no theory had stated
that different forms of energy were closely related.
And another surprise came the day
“They are related indeed!” said Faraday.
And so in any form may energy reside;
energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
And this law was yet another sensation;
it was the Law of Energy Conservation!

About every law, scientists have debated,
proved and disproved each theory stated.
Thus two worlds (of mass and of energy) existed,
whose quantity of contents always persisted.
But none did realize that the two worlds were joined.
There existed a bridge, only one man could find.
Thus he derived an equation so fine,
and he was none other than the great Einstein.


Facebook! Oh glorious vanity page,
Obsessive entertainment of the modern age!
One desperately scrolls down his walls
for pics and tags and pokes and lols.

I’ve hundreds of friends I may not know,
from a hundred places I may not go.
Oh social network who art so complete,
who rendered Orkut obsolete!

Thou art the Hub for all gossip,
where privacy is now a sinking ship.

Where one feels wanted, with a million invitations

requesting him to join all lousy applications.


Where status messaging is the fastest helpline

and the next stranger I add could be the Divine.

Another crazy wall pic where I’ve been tagged;

another photo of us where we all look stabbed.
‘Microeconomics’ may be the book’s label,
but Facebook mobile is underneath the table.
I log in to thee every break session,
eagerly expecting my next notification.

I shall post this note and tag them all.
So that comments shall come and fill my wall.


When The Evening Sings

As I walk towards my destination
listening to naught but music to my ears,
a reassuring  breeze blows across my face
for a while I shall forget my fears.

Heaven glows with an orange tinge,
as though the clouds were set on flames.
My dear friend is setting for today
to return home, quite far away.

The Lord paints his canvas (behold!)
perhaps the stories never told.

My path is narrow, yet very long.
But when the evening sings, I’ll sing along

Upon His Canvass

My dear bright friend is taking his leave.

The streets he lit all day he shall now relieve.
Into a calm red ball he has withdrawn.
Gradually he descends and soon is gone.
The Lord’s favorite canvass, the evening brings.
The sky is now tinged with His mood swings.

The workaholic moon shall soon take his place
And the dark sky shall highlight his face.
The stars shall decorate the black sky soon,
so eager to accompany the very handsome moon.
The sun has set and soon so shall I.
But the moon shall bask in the glory of the night sky.

The Assembly Line

From mass produced circuits to the assembly line,
every one to be made with your redundant design.
The one less than perfect, the merciless world shall discard.
A mere slave to you, it shall work hard.

The machine shall execute your work, that’s true.
But that is all it was programmed to do.
You assign it to work for the betterment of mankind,
but expect it not to have its own mind.

It has no life of its own, it has no desire.
No love or pain may run through its wire.
It cannot question, just obey and submit.
Until it’s break-down, it may never quit.

You designed, created, programmed, and employed.
You shall merely replace it when it has been destroyed.