About the Equilibrium


Namaste, dear reader!

Welcome to my gallery of poems. Every Sunday and Wednesday, I post a new poem and a very old poem on this blog ‘The Equilibrium of Life’ (theequilibriumoflife.wordpress.com) and I also blog on The Monk of Gardenia’ (zardychess.blogspot.in) and (themonksofgardenia.wordpress.com).

Hi, I’m Pramodh Iyer. I’m a freelance writer, an Access Practitioner and also a poet at The Equilibrium of Life living, in Chennai, India. I’m interested in reforms in education, economy, politics and society. I’m a metal head and I love a variety of music genres. I’m also interested in writing and reading fantasy fiction and poetry. I’m currently working on a novel, besides setting up a magazine. I aspire to be an entrepreneur and politician some day. You can read my library of original poems with a click on the button above. Please do also visit our magazine: about.me/tsoimagazine

I also have a facebook page for poetry and inspiring quotes: facebook.com/eqbnoflife

Yours truly,


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