I Am

A drop from the ocean,

and yet not distinct;
I flow into the commotion
yet I follow my instinct!
Perhaps without, yet am within;
I have no time or space.
I always am what I’ve always been;
yet you shall never know my face!
I have no joy, I have no pain;
for I hail from eternal bliss!
Know who I am, it shan’t be vain;
and know what your true nature is.

~Pramodh Iyer



If I could forget all languages, and keep just one,
know that I’d speak my heart, just for fun.
If I could forget all vocabulary, and keep a word,
‘Thanks’ is all I’d remember, albeit absurd.

If I could forget all faces, and just remember mom,
I won’t lose much, but remain strong.
If I had to lose my body, I’d just let go.
But, I’d still say ‘thanks’, for all I know.

I cannot pray seeking anything more.
I’ll thank, if need be, for I met mom for sure.
If poetry died, I wouldn’t weep forever,
for poets will be born to yet another.

Thank you, mom, for all I have today.
I have you with me, that’s all I need say.

~Pramodh Iyer

The Dunes of Fate

The Promised Land isn’t far from here;
Greener is grass across the River of Fear.
Choose to swim or choose to sink;
one who transcends, lives to the brink!

“I come from far, across the land;
a message at heart, a staff at hand.
I stand upon the very Dunes of Fate.
Listen to me now, before it’s late!”

Amidst the desert, upon the sands,
with arms wide, a prophet stands.
The winds of change forever blow,
and the wise do not resist the flow.

“A helmsman am I, here to take you across,
to a life that is, from the past that was.
Come with me, unless you’d rather stay.
My message is clear: You pave your own way!

~Pramodh Iyer

Of gods, Men, and Tears Now and Then

Mighty gods do we idolize;
yet, little do we even realize,
the gods who don’t bleed or cry,
are stoic till the day we die.

Men don’t cry. Oh, men never cry!
Men do not even utter a subtle sigh!
Husband, father, brother, son…
only sweat under the midday sun?

Are we machines? Are we alive?
Don’t we too go down or strive?
Wake up Man, shed some tears;
be it of Society’s greatest fears!

If gods don’t cry, cry for them!
Pain can’t be steered by helm.
It is inevitable; Suffering, not;
Tears, memories we never forgot…

~Pramodh Iyer

The Ethereal Awakening

From perhaps the most abysmal dream

to the conscious world I awoke.
I lay confused by this bizarre realm;
a thousand ethereal voices spoke!

“Where am I?” I asked. “How’d I get here?”
It slowly sunk in, as the truth did burn.
And, I was overwhelmed, by Doubt and Fear.

“Why am I here?” I pleaded. “Let me return!”

Do not fear! Said one. Your fever just ended.
You were in a venomous trance, another said.
but despite the fall, you’ve finally ascended.

I was now convinced: I’d lost my head!

You wandered an abyss, said a third, we could do naught
to help, until you’d recognized the surreal.
Thus, were you lost; your identity you forgot.

Then, your consciousness broke the vicious seal!

Philosophy aside, I realized they were right.

“My life was a dream? What’s left for me now?”

The nightmare you lived was dissolved by light.
A more inspired dream you must allow.

Before me appeared a book, with several pages blank.

Whatever you write shall manifest.
It was always yours, but you sank.
You ‘author’ Life; write only your best!

We now send you back into the dream,
but armed with words for the wise.
Thus, write away, and define your own realm.

This time, I vowed not to jeopardize!

The voices faded, but ere I fell back into trance
I was curious to know what the pages said.
And I was astonished at the very first glance!

The Equilibrium of Life‘, the title read.

~Pramodh Iyer

Vampire Slayer

I once had two vampires, very near
– one was Doubt, and another, Fear.
While I often dined with them,
they laid to waste, my sacred realm.
Doubt lied; by Fear was I betrayed.
In company such, from myself I strayed.

And, once I was left with naught,
they abandoned me in a cell to rot.
All I stood for was set to flames.
My kingdom burned for Vampire games!
But, I did not crumble; instead I arose.
Chapters begin when the old ones close!

I’d chosen friends poorly, indeed.
Now, I’d awoken; my kingdom was in need.
I let go of all bonds that chained me.
When I realized myself, I was free.
Out of the dark chambers, I bravely strode.
Not a single moment to sulk, could I afford.

I rode back to the capital; I took my stand.
I banished Doubt and Fear from my land!

~Pramodh Iyer