The Phoenix


When darkness consumes his way,
a hero would rise to face the day!

Reborn is the Bird of Fire!
Alive is his burning desire.
Inspiration is his very song,
whose resolve is ever strong.

“After every fall, I shall return
to rise again, to fly or burn!
Watch me soar with metal wings,
face every gust the storm brings!”

From the ashes of the past,
deep within the shadows cast
is a flame which never dies;
for the Phoenix shall now rise!

~Pramodh Iyer


Eyes of Wonder

A world so vibrant, hues galore;
anything intrigues the young.
A life of beauty, and splendour;
it matters not how it’s sung.

The little one sees a gigantic world
through eyes of endless wonder.
Tucked in his blanket, he’s curled,
whose peace naught shall hinder.

An innocent smile rests on his face,
as he wanders through sweet dreams.
A treasure you could never replace,
innocence is more than all it seems.

~Pramodh Iyer

The Night of the Sink

A young Knight, out at sea,
sailed across distance, with company.
His young mind was driven by his dreams,
just as the ship was driven by the winds, it seems.
He dreamt of his love, still far away.
And, he thought of nothing else, night and day.

The sea was calm, and the sky was bright.
He stirred only to notice a flash of light.
Lightening was followed by Heaven’s roar.
The Knight looked up as rain began to pour.
Where goes thee?” he heard the voice ask.
“I shall give thee wisdom to aid thy task.”

“Oh Voice of the Skies, from Heavens above,
I’m on my way to meet my true love.”

“Oh young traveler, thou must go no further.
For thee, though brave, artn’ to win her.
If thou must seek her, thou art too late.
She has been married as written by fate.”
Saying so the voice disappeared,
and the storm grew stronger than feared.

The sailors cried in vain, at the angry sea.
But, even before the ship, sank the Knight into melancholy.

~Pramodh Iyer

Perfection Is But A Judgement

It’s not just okay to be imperfect – I get to know

– it’s better to have challenges to face.

It’s great to know that I’ll certainly grow;
since I can’t remain the same in the coming days.

I learned that I can stand alone, and yet tall,
when the storms pass by the shore of Life.
For the strongest is the one who’d often fall,
and yet get back up to wield his Battle-knife.

I realize that I’m grateful to not be divine.
Imagine how stagnant it’d be to not expand?
For you weren’t the ‘best’, yet quite fine,
for ‘perfection is a judgement’, you understand.

If I said “you’re the best”, it’s just an expectation.
For I now know that you’re of Nature too.
It’d give birth to many a conclusion,
if I don’t remember: you’ve always been ‘you’.

I’m grateful that I’m not perfect and nor are you.
For I learn: to be of Nature is to be Magic too.

(Dedicated to my mom, my first teacher.)

~Pramodh Iyer


I came into this world, not empty-handed;
armed with calling, on this realm I landed.
I was born as joy, peace, and magic.
I’m not to perfect, but to be a classic.

I’ll leave this body, someday, but with a smile,
having made the world worth a return, meanwhile.
I don’t want Nirvana, I’d rather build this bliss.
Let Paradise know all the fun they’d miss!

When Death calls, He’ll be the one to weep.
I’ll embrace him, that day, but I’m not His to keep.
This world shall call me, when I have purpose again.
I’ll return to ensure that no prayer fades in vain.

For such is my calling!

~Pramodh Iyer


I woke up, and knew not where I was.
It was as if Time had taken a pause.
I searched for mom, but she wasn’t by my side,
across corridors, or chambers far and wide.

I saw several people standing in a hall.
It was silent, yet none could hear my call.
I cried out loud, but without tears I wept.
I had no body to fulfill promises unkept.

There was a guy staring at me from his seat.
I could have sworn I missed many a heartbeat.
I walked up to him to inquire where we were.
He said I was where dreams would occur.

He asked me if I’d like to go where I’d belong.
I certainly wanted to leave that Hel before long.
He muttered a few words and waved his hand.
Soon enough, from Hel, did he disband.

I’ve reached a point where I no longer know pain.
All the blood that was shed, now appears unstained.

~Pramodh Iyer


Love is forced to be silent, yet still.
Desire is an ocean I’ll never un-fill!
Karma has played enough games!
And, Suffering fuels her own flames.

Why are we here, time and again?
Haven’t we learned anything then?
What do we seek in this pit of hell?
Who’d seek me among the ones who fell?

This is my secret, but everyone knows.
This is where the promiscuous goes.
I’m not really a native of this realm.
Perhaps, that’s why it does overwhelm.

I still seek you, but forever is too long.
Sometimes, giving up is truly for the strong.

~Pramodh Iyer