The Phoenix – 2 

This cage cannot contain
your magnificent flame.

So burn it all away!

Spread your wings today!
Rise, oh Phoenix, rise!

From the ashes to the skies!

You shall rule them all

and sing your battle call!
Burn, phoenix, burn!

A lesson they shall learn!

This is who you are

beyond every battle scar!

~Pramodh Iyer


Raising Our Red-Pennant (Edited Version)

T’was on a shore so far away
and I was too drunk for night or day.

On that shore was a Tavern so good…

to go there every Pirate should!
There was a man with a wooden leg

dowing his Old-Spice, peg by peg.

I was told he faced Poseidon, himself, 

and even escaped Hades’ shelf.
He told me that he had a Map

which led to treasures overlap.

I laughed as he shared almost in vain, 

but my curiosity always did sustain.
For a bag of Gold and a pint of Mead 

to take Map from him I did succeed.

T’was drawn with Blood; handsome too.

T’was a Pirate-Quest, through and through.
I talked to low-lives by the Tavern bar

none of them had traveled so far.

But, when I let them know of the Gold

our Pirate-Journey was to unfold.
I kissed the Wench who served us Rum

until my own lips grew numb.

The crew and I left with Greed in heart

and from the Tavern we did depart.
We Cut some Throats by the shore; 

laughed as sailors dropped to the floor.

Their glorious ship was now ours

and we set sail to the Ocean of Stars.
Davy Jones feared our intent;

Leviathan avoided our Red-Pennant!

As a Pirate-Lord I’ll return ashore, someday.

Pray that the navy guards your Bay.
~Pramodh Iyer,

The Dark Prophecy

When erupted the flames, I knew her face well.

She said, “Fear not! I’m another demon from Hel.”
“What message does Lucifer send?” I asked.
“To reclaim the world” Said she, “you’ve been tasked.”

“You alone were chosen to seize this day.

Smite all who stand in your way!”

“But I’m just words.” I said. “What could I achieve?”
“Your words are prophecies,” Said she. “We believe!”

“Fear not the day, the Sun shall set;
and the self-righteousness shall forget.
Remember: your words are our voices spoken.
All mortals shall bow and hail none but Satan!”

~Pramodh Iyer,

Angel Cards

I returned from a mighty quest, and to my city’s gates.
Three Archangels stood there, to prophesy my fates.

They smiled more than they’d for long

and without delay sang their day’s song:
“Trust what you know within,” Said Uriel. “Act without delay.

Another adventure awaits you, at the onset of day.”

Haniel stepped forward and said, “Oh, lover so passionate,

seize your love today. For glory and destiny await!”
Sandalphon then spoke, “Have faith, oh mighty warrior.

Your words aren’t vain for we’ve heard each prayer.”

Then they disappeared as though into thin air.

And the sun rose again behind me, with a solar-flare.

~Pramodh Iyer:

​I’ll Be Back

I loved and lost, 
but at what cost?

You were a crown

of thorns; my frown.
I loved unconditionally

you were too blind to see!

I was whipped to death

while you smoked meth.
You cut off my hair

and nailed me there.

I prayed, that’s true

now I say, “Fuck you!”
I will return in three days

just to laugh in your face.

The heavy cross I bore

was yours for sure.
But I tell you this

I am the bliss.

You feared my sight

like a rodent does light.
Now count your days

and cover your face!

For I am your judge!

You’re name I’ll smudge.

​Resignation Letter

Dear CEO,

I hope you bother to read at least this mail.
Else as an employer you’d utterly fail.
Notice how co-directors give more a shit?
It’s because you don’t that you’ve been unfit.

I haven’t been well as you know too.
You’ve been nice; I’m grateful to you.
But I can’t truly see my growth in your office.
So I wish to serve the required period of notice.

I need a job which doesn’t just pay.
Satisfaction is missed, end of the day.
I doubt you know how important this job is.
When I’m gone, my contribution you’ll miss.

I sit here 8 hours a day before a computer.
While the HR treats me like dusty furniture.
I’ll find a place where I actually belong.
Instead of sleeping here and feeling so wrong.

This job was interesting, but then it grew stale.
When one forgets an employee, it’s an epic fail.
I doubt you’d understand my health and my choices.
I’m aware that I’m frowned upon by all hushed voices.

This is my resignation, please  consider it now.
I part ways peacefully, so that my life I’d allow.

Wait For Adventure?

(Edited Version)

I waited for Hagrid for so long to drop by some day.

“You’re a wizard, Harry!” I thought he’d say.

I shan’t wait for Gandalf to invite me on adventure.

I’m going on my own; I need no joint venture.
I waited for Santa to bring me my gift.

The days of my childhood passed by so swift.

When I fight trolls, and break my teeth,

I won’t wait for the Tooth Fairy to give me a sweet.
I waited for Kenobi to train me as Jedi.

It’s too late to wait now until I die.

I shan’t wait for Brom; and Arya has a life.

So, how could I stay when Tyrion’s bored with his wife?